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Chemically exfoliate dull, damaged skin and reveal a dewy new layer of skin with a relaxing no-downtime peel.

One of the best ways to restore youthful skin is to chemically exfoliate the skin, leaving behind a youthful new layer of epidermis. MOBO has several peels available with no downtime, and that are suitable for most skin types. Peels are a great way to kick-start your new skincare routine, or liven up your existing regimen. Patients notice brighter, tighter, dewy skin right away and results gradually show over the next 3-5 days as dull skin sloughs off, revealing a youthful glow.


Our favorite no-downtime peels are:

  • Obagi Blue Peel Radiance (similar to Obagi Blue but no downtime)

  • ZO Skin Health Stimulator Peel

By request, we do offer stronger, medical-grade TCA peels. These do typically result in some downtime (up to one week) and patients must be off retinol products one week prior to treatment.

During your appointment, your expert provider will discuss peel options and offer specific recommendations based on your skin type, areas of concern and desired outcome.